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Our Environmental Statement

Farming people as a group are, I believe, by nature conservationists.  Ian and I being West Coast farmers are very in tune with the environment in general and our immediate environment in particular.

Our interest in preserving our farm as a whole for future generations and more specifically the native trees and many water ways was always at the forefront of our varied farming practises.

This interest in the environment has been very successfully transposed to our life in the city where there are many opportunities and even more challenges to creating the type of environment that is both safe for all and pleasant to live in.  I can happily report that our offspring have taken the healthy living and healthy environment to even greater heights as they develop their own families and we are thankful that they had exposure to our early efforts.

We believe that if an object has life left in it or can still be of some use to someone then it should be presented so that its potential is realised by either recycling, reselling or giving to another potential user. 

If each person on the planet was totally aware of the environment and what they could do to improve it and then did it, we would have a much safer place to live.

I smiled yesterday when the checkout lady at the supermarket, said they were now charging 5 cents for plastic bags, I carried my groceries out without one and thought "now I will remember to bring my green bags every time!"  Well done supermarkets - why only 5 cents?

Christchurch as a city has introduced a three bin recycling system for household rubbish and it is wonderful.  We have a green bin for organic waste, from which compost is made.  There is a yellow bin for recycling materials, and these are used in many ways.  Then there is a smaller red bin with the actual rubbish.  Well done Christchurch!

At Tangley we employ every initiative we can think of and as a result we have a happy little corner of our garage full of items waiting to be given to various people, some go to the auction rooms, some to church shops and some to just give to anyone who has a use for them.  It is really like our own recycling plant. 

Guests see the results of our labours, in furniture we have made from recycled materials, beautiful china, fabrics, silver, rugs and much more, all retrieved from someone or somewhere else and given a second life.  The result from this foraging is that the quality of the chattels at Tangley are the finest available.

Ultimately we are concerned with our health, and our Bed and Breakfast does all it can to ensure the environmental health of our guests while they are with us.  We clean the house with Enjo, a completely chemical free system second to none.  We grow fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs organically using our very own magnificent compost!!

The foods we use are, as much as possible, homemade, thus cutting out preservatives and reducing food miles. 

We have a clutch of the most beautiful grandchildren, and the numbers are constantly growing, it is our wish that they inherit from us, not only a world that is safe, healthy and beautiful, but also the skills and desire to keep it that way. 

We want our brand Tangley to be synonymous with all that is good, thus ensuring your contact with us, however brief, will not only be memorable, but happy and healthy.

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